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Here are some of our success stories!

Over the last several years I have gone to three different chiropractors for pain in my right neck / shoulder area as well as pain in my right lower back. I had pretty much decided that pain and discomfort were something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Adjustments helped for a little while, but I had pain more often then I didn’t.

I awoke one morning in January with pain in my right arm and shoulder unlike anything I had experienced in the past. A friend told me how Dr. Hackleman had helped her after she had fallen and could hardly use her arm. So I gave his office a call.

I was surprised to learn I would need X-rays. This was a new concept for me. In the past I had always gone in, explained where the pain was, and received an adjustment. Dr. Hackleman showed me on the X-rays the reasons for my pain. He explained the treatments we would go through to correct the problems, and assured me once things were back in place I wouldn’t be in pain again in a couple of weeks and need to go through the same cycle I had been through in the past. This sounded too good to be true! But, at the same time, it made perfect sense.

The pain in my arm and shoulder lessened with each visit. I was a little sore a couple of times after an adjustment and then for a couple of days after I first started the exercises Dr. Hackleman prescribed to help get things aligned, but other than that I have not been in pain. My arm, neck, shoulder and lower back haven’t hurt at all.

Thanks, Dr. Hackleman for all you’ve done to help me become pain free!

Cathy – Humansville MO

I had suffered with hip and lower back pain for several months. My first steps in the mornings had

become extremely painful. I was limited in my daily activities including walking, sitting; and, my long

distance travel had come to a halt.

In my weekly newspaper I found a flyer from Dr. Hackleman’s office. I read the testimonial, and thought this sounds similar to my problem. I called and made an appointment, Dr. Hackleman took

x-rays and explained them to me. He then set up a treatment program.

After a series of treatments, I have improved considerable. I am now basically pain free in the mornings. I am enjoying being able to walk, sit, and travel again.

Thank you, Dr. Hackleman, and your staff for providing a pleasant atmosphere.

This helps so much in keeping a positive attitude.

Sherry - Urbana, MO

Being a hairdresser with my arms up constantly and my neck tilted all the time I was having some serious neck / upper back pain, headaches and numbness down my right arm, hand and fingers.

I starting coming to Dr. Hackleman in late July 2007. Within a few short weeks after getting adjustments and doing traction and therapy the numbness went away.

Now I’m coming 1-2 times a week, I have no headaches. I’ve changed the way I sleep by purchasing a water pillow and Dr. Brian gave me lots of tips and advise of what to do to adjust my daily activities and I feel 100% better today.

Thanks Dr. Brian!!

Terrie - Pleasant Hope, MO

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